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Pop-up Cards and Books: Home

WUHS Makerspace Project

Robert Sabuda, Pop-up Engineer

To try your own pop-up card or book, first follow these steps:

1. Watch this 1:43 Youtube video on the 8 tools you'll need for creating pop-up cards 

2.  Now watch this video for a simple tutorial for a basic pop-up card design

3.  Now choose to watch at least two (2) of the following tutorials for specific pop-up card elements:

     a. Birthday Cake pop-up card

     b. City Pop-up scene

     c. House Pop-up scene

     d. Basic Pop-up Face

     e.  How to make a pull tab

     f.  How to attach a pull tab

4.  Fill out and submit this Makerspace agreement form and you will be ready to start!




WUHS Pop-Up Books

The Pop-Up Book

This book offers a clear and practical guide to pop-up papercrafts for all artists at all levels, from home hobbyists to professional graphic designers and architects. Illustrated with photographs, it includes specific projects with easy-to-follow steps, general techniques for greater personal experimentation and creativity, and a gallery of designs created by some of today's best pop-up artists.

The Raven

The Elements of Pop-Up

One Red Dot

The Dinosaur Museum

America the Beautiful

DC Super Heroes

A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy

Midnight Creatures

Harry Potter Pop-Up Book

DalĂ­ Pop-Ups

Pop-Up Design and Paper Mechanics