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Grading and Assessment: Educational Research in the WUHS Library: Home

A guide to accessing professional resources to support grading and assessment practices

Research on Grading and Assessment

What We Know

In past PLCs, we've determined some of what we know about the practice of grading and assessments:

  • Grading is not essential for learning:  FEEDBACK is
  • Effective assessments truly show the level of student learning
  • We need a varied approach to accurately measure student learning
  • The purpose of assessing is to consistently and accurately measure student performance

Communicating our Vision

As our faculty begins to discuss and reflect on our beliefs about grading and assessment, it is imperative that as professionals, we can clearly identify 

  • What students should learn
  • How we will assess what students have learned
  • How we will communicate that learning

Supporting Our Vision

As educational professionals, we will want to ensure that our grading and assessment practices are evidence-based.  What research exists that will support the best practices that we plan to adopt? That's what this guide is all about - helping WUHS instructors support their educational practices with research-based evidence.

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