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Waterford High School Library: Info Tech

Unit 2:  Information Literacy

Prezi Presentation 

Big6 Process Model

Big6 Explanation for all 6 steps!



1. Task Definition

Assignment:  Important Terms wksht. (pgs. 1-2)

Information Literacy Frame  (pg. 3)

Big 6 Process Model (pg. 4)

Narrowing Your Topic (pgs. 5-6)

Assignment:  essential questions guide (pgs. 7-8)

Essential questions slideshow

Assignment:  From Topic to Task Definition (pgs. 9-10)


2. Information Seeking Strategies

Assignment:  Information Seeking Strategies (pgs. 15-16)


3.  Location and Access

Dazzling Dewey! 

The Dewey Rap!

Dewey Explained (similar to pgs. 11-12)

Assignment:  Order in the Library Game  (directions pg. 13)

Subject vs. Keyword searching explanation (pgs. 17-22)

Assignment: Locating and Accessing Information (pg. 23)

and Understanding a Bib. Record (pg. 24)

Identifying Keywords and Refining Your Search (pgs. 25-26)

Unit Assessment: Library Scavenger Hunt Activity! (pgs. 27-29)



4. Use of Information

Evaluating sources video

Wikipedia Infographic

Evaluating Sources website 

CQ Researcher Activity: Topics

Assignment:  Evaluating CQ Researcher

5. Synthesis

To Be Tackled in Following Unit

6. Evaluation

To Be Tackled in Following Unit


Unit 3:  Digital Citizenship

Brought to you by  Common Sense Media

‚ÄčDigital Citizenship Lessons and Assignments

1.1 Digital Life 

Digital Citizenship LINCs

Digital Life Quiz

1.2 Oops! I broadcast it on the Internet

Digital Footprint LINCs & Brittney's Story



1.3 Copyrights & Wrongs

Knowing about Copyright

Copyright Frequently Asked Questions

Fair Use Frequently Asked Questions

Intellectual Property LINCs

Ethically using images

1.5 Turn Down the Dial on Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying Study Guide


2.4 & 2.5 Risky Behaviors

Risky Behaviors Study Guide

3.3 Internet Privacy

Internet Privacy and Data Collection

3.5 & 4.2 College Bound & What has your Data

Study Guide