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Poet Personality Portrait: Visual Information

For use with Mrs. Rabe's English Literature Poetry Presentation project.

Database Sources for Historically Relevant Visual Information

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Visual Examples

An oil portrait of John Keats
was painted by Joseph Severn in 1821.
It is in the National Portrait Gallery in London.
Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery, London

From Proquest: Learning Lit:  This drawing shows The Great Pit in Aldgate where victims of the Great Plague of London (1664 - 1666) were buried. The poet John Dryden lived in London at the time when the plague broke out. He and his wife were able to escape, however, to her Father's seat in Charlton, Wiltshire. They spent the next year there and during that time Dryden produced the first of three works that would establish his reputation as a writer. 

Poetry Related Art Sources